Toshiba Places video

Toshiba Places is a cross device media sharing project (videos, photos, music, news …).
This project was made for Toshiba Europe, and is available on every Toshiba’s TV, tablet and computer.
Now available in Asia.

The user’s experience enables to control media between many screens, share them between users and use social network (facebook, twitter …).
A “market place » allows to access and purchase other services and interactive channels.
I worked on this project as lead designer from the initial concept and mock-up, to the official launch in Berlin during the “IFA 2010” and more actual versions.
New user experience design on Tv, slate and computer.
Conception of service’s architecture and user scenario.
Project monitoring between development and marketing teams.
Project’s presentation to Toshiba (France, Europe and Japan).
Graphics, Design and ergonomic conception.

Toshiba Places est un projet d’interaction multi-écrans, d’échange et de visualisation de contenu (vidéos, photos, musiques, news …).
Une plateforme disponible sur TV, tablette et ordinateur.
L’expérience utilisateur permet de contrôler des medias entre plusieurs écrans, d’échanger entre utilisateurs, effectuer des achats …
L’intégration d’un « market place » permet également d’accéder à d’autres services interactifs.
Interface adapté à l’écran TV et tablette

Awards :
5plus innovation August 2010
AFDESI award June 2010 / Best Innovation

Press :
Les numeriques [FR]
Clubic [FR]

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